Foundation Courses

Foundation course in Crystal Mind

The foundation courses are the strategically formed format of learning pattern that prepare you for the National level competitive exams without hindering your school studies. Foundation courses offered by Crystal Mind are the IIT JEE foundation course in Patna and the medical foundation course in Patna. These courses are specifically designed for the students of X, XI, and XII.

The courses are crafted on the subjective approach keeping specificity in mind like medical, engineering, and other competitive exams. The holistic course covers the entire syllabus of classes X, XI, and XII for the subjects of science, mathematics, and social sciences.

The main emphasis of this course is to focus on enhancing the mental ability of the students from the very beginning. This preparation from the very beginning not only helps the students score better in their school exams but also provides a beneficial grasp over the clarity of the subject matter which is quite important to crack those competitive exams.

Crystal Mind offers foundation courses with end-to-end learning solutions that cover all-around learning solutions as prescribed by NCERT and other boards. The teachers here focus on strengthening the conceptual understanding of the students and get them prepared for the upcoming competitive exams.

Medical Foundation Course in Patna

Medical foundation course in Patna is specifically designed for the students in X the course covers all that you need for scoring great in your 10th as well as for the NEET/AIIMS/JIMPER.
We help the students build a solid foundation and get a clear grasp of concepts, analytical approaches, and problem-solving skills.
It is an integrated course 1year, 2 years and 3 years depends on the class you are in. We provide supplementary study materials to the students with a perfect pattern collaboratively beneficial for the medical exam you are preparing and your 10th exam of.

Engineering Foundation Course

Engineering Foundation Course in Patna is for the students of 9th and above. For those students who aim for pursuing engineering as their future profession then this is the best course for you. The syllabus will not only help you get prepared for competitive exams like IIT but will also help you score great in your board's exam as well.
Crystal Mind focuses on the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths of the NCERT and other boards too.

Crystal Mind teaching pattern is a combination of superior methodology, discipline, and a clear grasp of the subject matter. Our teachers' subjective knowledge and experience have had tremendous effects on the student's progress graph and we plan to continue doing the same.